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Auto Repair 21108 - Little Known Ways to Improve Fuel Economy

There is not a single driver among us who would not prefer to spend less money at the fuel pump.  People are becoming more aware of the many simple and cost effective ways that they can improve their fuel economy.  However, what do you say to people who are already familiar with the basics?  Fortunately, there are many little known ways that you can improve your gas mileage.Auto Repair 21108Just about everyone knows that if you want to save gas, you need to drive slower.  Aft

Auto Repair 21108 - Does Tire Pressure Affect My Gas Mileage?

Make a point to check your tire pressure regularly. Even though many newer cars have tire pressure sensors, it’s still a good idea to check the pressure every few weeks with a pressure gauge. Sensors can go bad, or sometimes your tire pressure is within tolerance, so you won’t know if the pressure has changed. Checking it regularly gives you the opportunity to: inspect your tires visually for any possible damage to the sidewall or punctures in the tread inspect for signs of wear, dry-rotting,

Auto Repair Millersville 21108 – Why is My ABS Light On?

Your car’s ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) shares some systems with the cars traction control system. If the ABS light comes on, there’s a malfunction in the braking or traction control system. For your safety, you should have it checked immediately. Some reasons the light may come on include: Broken wheel speed sensorLow brake fluidThe ABS module is malfunctioningIssues with the traction control systemSystem has been turned offOur professional staff of auto technicians are trained to find and re

Car Repair Millersville 21108 - I Ran Out of Gas, But Is My Car OK?

You hear your car making noises, and then your car begins slowing down. You pull to the shoulder of the road to realize that you’ve run out of gas. You were probably in a hurry and just didn’t look at the gauge like you would normally do. It’s probably happened to us all at least once, but what happens to your car when you run out of fuel? As your tank becomes low on fuel your car’s fuel pump, which is in the gas tank in many newer model cars, begins to pull fuel from the bottom of the tank,

Why Is My Turn Signal Blinking So Fast?

When you’re driving, there’s lots to think about.  Your speed, other vehicles, safety, traffic signals, emergency vehicles, kids in your car, along with so many other distractors. Safety is first and foremost; however, while operating your vehicle, you need to be paying attention to it’s overall operation to make sure things are working properly. If you’ve noticed your turn signal blinking faster than usual there are several possible explanations. It may seem like a small thing, you may

The Price You Pay for Counterfeit or Knock-off Parts

We all want to save money. And, we know that fixing our maintain our cars is more economical in the long run, than it is to wait for something to break which could affect many of your car’s systems, causing serious and expensive repair bills. Many folks are tempted to fix it themselves, finding cheap parts online to put a “Band-aid” on the problem without an accurate and thorough diagnosis. But, how do you know the parts that you’re buying are legitimate parts meant for your particular vehicl

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