3-2-1 Ignition

Did you know that if your car key ring can cause your ignition to fail? If you keep your car key on a ring with multiple keys, fobs, store cards, and gadgets like a bottle opener or flashlight, it’s just too heavy. Over time, the weight of your key ring can actually cause your ignition to fail by wearing out the tumblers. You can extend the life of your cars ignition simply by using a light weight ring, with just the car key on it. If you feel that your key is sticking when you start your car

What About Your Car's Exhaust?

Your exhaust system needs to be checked regularly. Bolts, clamps, brackets and pipes can rust or break. If you’re hearing loud exhaust or rattling sounds under your car or truck, it could be a sign that you have an exhaust problem. You may be overdue for an exhaust inspection and replacement. With winter setting in, we’re sure to have snow and the roads will be treated to salt or harsh chemicals that can cause more damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle. Give us a call to schedule an ins

Have You Checked Your Brake Fluid Lately?

It’s easy to forget to check the fluids in your car. But they all have an important job. You car won’t be drivable without properly operating brakes. One of the first indicators that there is a problem is your brake warning dash light. Check the reservoir to make sure it has and adequate amount of brake fluid. If it’s low, it needs to be filled, and may mean that you have a leak. If there is a leak, it could be coming from several areas in the braking system. When caught early, repairs can b

You’re Running Late, and Now Your Car Won’t Start !

Check your gas … yep, it happens. You made it to your last stop with the intent to make your next stop at the gas pump, but the car wouldn’t start. Always make sure your gauges are working properly. And when you low fuel light comes on … make it a point to fill up your tank soon. Usually the first thing we check is the battery. It’s your car’s primary electrical power source. Batteries expire, and eventually just go bad. Sometimes accessories or lights get left on cause the battery to slow dr

Know Your Engine - Gasoline Direct Injection

Gasoline Direct Engines are, simply put, a type of fuel injected engine. GDI engines make up a majority of the engines in newer cars produced today. GDI, conventional fuel injected, and even carbureted engines alike, can have heavy and sticky carbon deposits build up on the valves and in the intake system, seriously affecting the performance of your vehicle’s engine and your gas mileage. Worst case, if not maintained properly, could be a costly repair and even leave you stranded with a motor

How's Your Car's Heating System Handling the Cold?

Your car needs regular maintenance and service to ensure all of its systems are working properly. That includes mechanical systems as well as the heating and cooling systems. Don’t get left out in the cold without heat. Do you know what to look for to tell if your car’s heater core is operating properly? Here’s a few tips: Is the inside of your car warm enough? One indicator could be, if the temperature gauge appears to be reading normally and there are no other problems with your cooling

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