What To Do When Your Car Overheats

03/23/2021Cooling System, Maintenance

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Cars can over heat for several reasons. Basically, there’s something wrong in the engine and the heat can’t escape.

Possibilities include: bad thermostat, broken water pump, a coolant leak, radiator leak, a bad fan, or failing hoses. Any of these problems could lead to a bigger problem for your engine, with costly repairs.

What TO DO:

  • Pull off of the road to a safe area and turn off your engine
  • Allow your engine time to cool down
  • Watch the temperature gauge
  • Look for steam from your engine – heat is trying to escape
  • Pay attention to odor, such as a sweet smell of coolant leaking
  • Check the coolant level. If it’s low, add coolant mixed with water – follow instructions on the coolant bottle, if you have it.
  • If your car is low on coolant, you can restart the engine. Pay close attention to the gauges. If the temperature begins to rise, pull over immediately and call a tow truck.


· Don't keep driving if your car is over heating · Don’t open the hood until the engine has cooled down a bit to avoid unnecessary risk of burns from steam. · Don't open the radiator cap until the engine is completely cooled.

If you notice these things, call a repair shop to have it checked. If your car is low on coolant, it could be a new and persistent leak. The systems in your car are dependent on one another. Catching a problem early could help avoid more costly repairs to other parts of your car’s engine.

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