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There is not a single driver among us who would not prefer to spend less money at the fuel pump.  People are becoming more aware of the many simple and cost effective ways that they can improve their fuel economy.  However, what do you say to people who are already familiar with the basics?  Fortunately, there are many little known ways that you can improve your gas mileage.

Auto Repair 21108

Just about everyone knows that if you want to save gas, you need to drive slower.  After all, that is common sense.  Even though you can save a lot of gas by going slower on the highway, many people are unwilling to do so, for instance.  The trick is to find ways to increase gas mileage without having to do things that you are not willing to do in the long term.  That is what these tips will help you do.

The single best way to save is to stop neglecting the regular car maintenance. According to studies, a dirty air filter can cost you up to 20% of the gas mileage you should be receiving.  A quick change of spark plugs can increase your fuel economy by over 10%!  Also, many people are not aware that they can increase their gas mileage simply by keeping their tires properly inflated!

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Many drivers are carting around a vehicle full of unnecessary things that are robbing them of valuable gas mileage.  For every 250 pounds of excess gear in your car, you can expect about one mile per gallon lost!  Also, make sure that you take bike racks and other items off of your vehicle when it is not the proper season.  It may take a few minutes, but such items produce extra wind resistance, which makes your vehicle work harder to accelerate or maintain speed.

Car Repair in Millersville, 21108 for Fuel Savings

Finally, make sure that you use your car’s features to their maximum effect.  You can save a little money on gas by using your cruise control often, since your engine will not be working to match the fluctuations in pressure that you are putting on the gas pedal.  Also, make sure that you use the overdrive function when possible, since it allows your engine to avoid overworking itself.

Driving and maintaining your vehicle in a way that allows for increased fuel economy is mostly a matter of having the proper knowledge, then putting that information to work.  It is vital that you not only know the methods for increasing gas mileage, but that you are consistent in their implementation, unless you want to keep visiting the gas station regularly!  We are ready to help with all your auto repairs in the 21108 zip code, including those which help with fuel economy.

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