Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) Calibration Services

Many modern vehicles are equipped with cameras, radar, LIDAR, and even ultrasound. These devices capture information about the environment and relay it back to control modules that are programmed to watch for specific events. Some assistance systems help with parking, others warn when the car is drifting out of its driving lane, and some even attempt to stop the vehicle when approaching an object too quickly.


Many simple driver assist devices do not require specific calibration. For example, most proximity back up "beepers" when mounted correctly, beep inside the car even if they are misaligned.

More complex ADAS systems will need to be calibrated after vehicle repairs that may affect the cars systems. For example, a smart braking system with a camera when aligned improperly or too low, may apply the brakes too late when approaching other vehicles quickly.


  • Windshield Repair / Replacement
  • Camera or Sensor Replacement
  • Collision or Impact
  • 4 Wheel Alignment
  • Body Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Non-OEM Tire Installation
  • Suspension Height Change
  • Any other event or modification that may
  • change the alignment or prevent proper
  • function of ANY of the ADAS features.

Even the most minor collision can misalign a sensor or camera. Our professional & Hunter / Bosch Certified Technicians auto-ID each vehicle to ensure we know exactly what scans are required.

Millimeters Matter ...

Improperly calibrated sensors and cameras, especially on heavy-duty vehicles, can have catastrophic results.

We service most makes & models of cars and light trucks. Self-servicing even minor repairs can impact a vehicles' ability to scan situations reliably and safely.

Several services, including bodywork, windshield replacement, tire alignment, or suspension repair, require sensor recalibration for the vehicle to return to operation safely.

ADAS sensors and systems, like any other electronic component on vehicles, require the use of scan tools to diagnose the problem, find information about the issue, and, if needed, recalibrate those systems according to the OE specs.

To determine if a vehicle requires calibration, always consult the OE repair information in the owners manual.

Static & Dynamic ADAS Calibrations

Some diagnostic calibrations can be performed off-site; while other static calibrations need to be performed at our facility.

Four Wheel Alignment

On newer cars with AI, any service that requires an alignment also may require an ADAS calibration. Even the slightest misalignment in the cars 4-wheel alignment can cause the cars ADAS to not function property, and potential for being the cause of an accident.

We offer four wheel alignment services to ensure we perform the best ADAS calibration possible for each car.

Safety Note:

Vehicle manufacturers are quite clear that they do not consider these systems as reliable enough to prevent all accidents. They are designed to reduce the likelihood of incidents through warnings and assisted responses, as well as reduce the severity of impacts if they occur.

Unless you are in a fully autonomous vehicle and have been instructed by the manufacturer to never take control of its operation, safety is your responsibility as the driver. An assistance system must never be relied on exclusively as there are too many factors that can prevent them from being adequate.

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